Performance Plus Top Stock Equestrian

An organic based liquid supplement specifically blended from a kelp and molasses
base and designed to aid the immune system.

We use a deep sea kelp because it contains the richest natural source of amino acids, which when combined with molasses provides a complex range of trace elements, minerals and essential vitamins.

To this base we have added an extra range of specific vitamins, minerals and amino acids designed specifically for the equine world.

The top Stock Equestrian range consists of the following products:


For better condition, performance and work.


Specifically formulated to achieve a calming effect on horses
and ponies in times of stress, anxiety or when traveling or showing. This product is
also used when trying to gain condition or helping the system to detox and clean.
Also a proven aid in the healing and prevention of mud fever and staggers.


– Designed to assist horses or ponies that suffer from
“Headshaking” or “Flicks”. This product is not a complete cure, but does assist the
animal to become calmer and less prone to this dangerous affliction. Several trials
have proven that in the majority of cases, horses and ponies may continue to work and
perform safely.


– Specifically formulated for older horses.

We also have a line specifically formulated
for the throughbred horses.

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