" You won’t believe it until you try it ... "

Rebecca Rigdon
USDF Gold Medal winning dressage rider

“I was presented with a client’s horse that had developed “Head Shaking Syndrome”. We joined a study run by UC Davis
School of Veterinary Medicince conducted Dr John Madigan that used a product from New Zealand called “TOP STOCK for
Headshaking Horses”, and I can say with great delight that week after week I saw significant improvement with this horse. He
went from being “UNSAFE TO RIDE & MISERABLE”, to a “HAPPPY, RIDEABLE HORSE” in a matter of weeks. “I would
happily recommend this all natural product, which is legal to use during competition, to anyone dealing with the former career
ending syndrome of Head Shaking. TOP STOCK for Headshaking Horses gives us hope and resolution.

Dr Chrysann Collatos
High Desert Veterinary Service, Reno, Nevada

“One of my show jumpers recently took part in a trial using TOP STOCK for Headshaking Horses being run by Dr John Madigan
from the Davis Campus of the University of California, I am very happy and pleased to be able to say that my horse was one of
the 75% of the horses on the trial that showed and is still showing significant improvement. I am still using this “Special Mineral”
product, and like Dr Madigan I would recommend ‘TOP STOCK for Headshaking Horses” to anybody that has a horse suffering
from this ailment”

Anne Neville
B. VSc
South Road Animal Health,Bentleigh Victoria, Australia

“As a traditional veterinary Surgeon with an holistic Veterinary practice in Victoria I examined the constituents of the Top Stock
range of Animal Nutritional Supplements with interest, hoping at last a product was available that delivered essential vitamins,
enzymes and nutrients without the other additives so present in “Pharmaceutical” style formulations. My analysis produced
excellent results. I am impressed by the iodine free rich mix of natural constituents present. I have four horses of my own and
am happy to supplement their feed with Top Stock Equestrian. Additionally I have and will recommend to my clients and fellow
Veterinary practitioners especially in those practices with large Cattle and Equestirian patient numbers to consider Top Stock
Natural and the Top Stock Range of Animal Supplements as the better alternative to ensuring natural and non-toxic
supplementation for the full range of nutritional dietary supplements. I understand the cost-benefit of the Top Stock range is also
supportive of primary producers needs in these harsh drought times and fully support that as a further benefit of using Top Stock’s
supplement range.”

Toni Bekker
Dressage Judge
Zanadu Equestrian
New Zealand

“I have one of the worst head shakers / flickers that wets have seen, in NZ & USA!
I have spent the last 3 years trying to find SOMETHING or SOMEONE that could help, trialing lots of different products with
minimal results. I have spent an enormous amount of time & energy (& money!) investigating & researching this incurable
problem that a lot of horses suffer from. A chance meeting introduced me to Garth & Jill from Top Stock, who have been of
wonderful help to me & my horse! They have come up with an ‘ORGANIC BASED” product that actually works! I have seen
an 85% reduction in head shaking from my horse, who is now rideable & happy! This product is not a cure, but certainly aids in
the prevention of head shaking. Please feel free to ask questions! I would be very happy to talk to you about your specific horse
or its requirements, as well as the other “Top Stock Equestrian products. (Top Stock DeTox & Calming or Top Stock Natural